Flower Powered Brunch

Flower Powered Brunch

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What You Will Learn

Founder of Sweet Fleur, Monica Michelle, and Health Guru, Keri Luce, have teamed up to bring you a fun filled Masterclass, where you will learn how to create a Flower Powered Brunch. In this 1 hour session, you will be guided by professionals on how to create a perfect girls brunch bursting with flowers that includes: 


  • Vegan Lavender Rose Pancakes

  • Flower Inspired Chia Seed Puddings 

  • Cinnamon Hibiscus Tea

  • Floral Cocktails

  • Pistachio Rose Bark

  • Sweet Potato and Kale Hash

  • Table Setting Ideas

  • Floral Center Pieces; and

  • DIY Fun and Creative Take Home Ideas


We promise that you will leave this lesson with a lot of incredible recipes, table setting skills, hosting techniques, and a whole lot of laughs. Impress your guests, and give yourself, and your girls a flower powered brunch they'll never forget!


Once purchased, you will receive unlimited access to the class, so you can refer to it any time you like, as well as: 

  • Downloadable PDFs of each recipe

  • Resources on where to find all of the items used in the class

  • Direct access to the instructors for any questions you may have

(Class will be available to view as of February 31st)

Meet Your Instructors 

Monica Michelle

Founder of Sweet Fleur and BloomTV, Monica specializes in vegan desserts and cooking with edible flowers. Her desserts have been featured in several publications including Vegan News, The Knot, Soirée Magazine, and Voyage. She has catered, and supplied desserts at many events across the US, including the Oscars. 

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Keri Luce

Fitness enthusiast, and certified nutritionist, Keri is dedicated to helping people live their healthiest lives. Through all natural recipes, to organic tinctures and lotions, she will help you add a little flower power to your health routine. 

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A Class Brought to you By Sweet Fleur, in Collaboration with BloomTV

BloomTV is a series of videos and blogs dedicated to highlighting the diverse world of flowers in all of their forms and functions. Guided by professionals across the globe, you will be immersed in a world of floral fantasia. Through education, health, flower-focused recipes, crafts, design, gardening, and so much more, learn how to utilize, enjoy, and make a better world for all with the help of flowers. Join us to discover the universal language of the flower.

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